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Chemdawg Breeder: Professor Trichome


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Professor Trichome – ChemDawg
The Lineage of this strain has always been a hotly contested subject, with many people believing that ChemDawg is a cross between a Nepalese strain and a Thai Strain, and others thinking this strain is just a straight up Hashplant / kush / NL type of strain. The truth is no one actually knows for sure.
This strain gets her name from from the diesel like, chemically flavours that this strain is well known for possessing. With mild earthy flavours in the background.
Generally speaking ChemDawg is a medium/ tall plant, that can stretch considerably in the flowering period. ChemDawg generally is slightly Indica dominant, and usually has an above average yield, and good potency.
  • Flower 56 to 90 days
  • Indica dominant


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